Protection of Personal Data

1. Value Technology Inc. (“Shopier” or “Company”) serves as an electronic commerce solution that provides a platform for buyers to purchase the products they sell on their websites, social media accounts and blogs.

2. Shopier has adopted confidentiality principles regarding personal information and data security in order to protect the privacy of the Users (“Sellers and Buyers”) and to ensure that they benefit from the technological infrastructure in use at the highest level. These privacy principles have been determined to be applied to the collection and/or use of data, including but not limited to personal data, via the website www.shopier.com ("Website"). In order to provide our services in a fast, easy and reliable manner, the personal data provided to Shopier by Users must be processed and transferred to third parties. In this context, personal data shared with Shopier are processed in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“KVKK”), the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce, the Turkish Penal Code and the relevant legislation, in particular the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey.

3. Personal data within the scope of the Services offered by Shopier, in accordance with Article 20 of the Constitution and Article 4 of the KVKK;

- Compliant with the law and honesty rules,

- Accurately and up to date,

- Pursuing specific, clear and legitimate purposes,

- linked to processing purposes,

- in a limited and measured way,

It is processed and transferred based on one or more of the conditions specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the KVKK, by keeping it for as long as required by the laws or for the purpose of processing personal data.

4. Personal data, in proportion to the purposes of the services provided by Shopier, to ensure that Shopier continues its activities, to provide better service, to measure and improve the quality of the service it provides, to determine the preferences and needs of our customers and employees, to process and evaluate job applications, with our Company. It is processed without express consent, provided that express consent is obtained in accordance with the current legislation in order to ensure communication with persons who have established a business relationship, to act in accordance with the applicable legislation, to send newsletters by e-mail and to make notifications. In this context, Shopier will be able to record, store, update, disclose to third parties, transfer, classify and process personal information regarding Users in cases and to the extent permitted by the legislation.

5. Users share with the Company their name, surname, full address, telephone number, e-mail address and similar personal information, as well as the bank and payment information they provide in line with their preferences, while becoming a member of Shopier. The Company may process and/or use this information provided by the Users in accordance with your purposes of using Shopier, without any further approval during the contractual relationship and for a period not longer than 10 (ten) years following the closure of the account. As a rule, personal information given by users is confidential information and is considered as personal data in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698. This information is kept confidential by the Company and will not be disclosed or shared with third parties by the Company unless otherwise and explicitly stated.

6. Sellers and Buyers send some personal information about themselves (name, surname, institution information, telephone, postal address and/or e-mail address and similar) to the Company by filling in various fields on Shopier. The Company may use this information requested outside of the purposes and scope determined by the Terms of Use and Membership Agreement, by keeping personal information anonymous by the Company or the people it cooperates with. In this context, the Company, by anonymizing all kinds of information and data provided by the Users in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and the secondary legislation in force, the Users' personal information can be an identifiable natural person in any form and in any way, even by matching with other data. and in this context, it can use the anonymized data for statistical evaluations, market research and similar purposes as it wishes.

7. Personal information provided by users can also be used to contact Sellers and Buyers for any reason. In this context, Sellers and Buyers accept and declare that the Company may use this information to communicate with them by providing the information requested by the Company.

8. Information provided by Sellers and Buyers or information regarding transactions made through Shopier; company and business

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