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  • Credit Card Security:
  • The company does not sell any products or services. The products purchased by you are offered for sale by the Sellers, not by the Company, and are sent to you by the Sellers if you purchase them. The company is a platform that brings Sellers and Buyers together.
  • You can pay with all credit cards of any bank for all your purchases through Shopier.
  • The Company always uses the latest technologies and works with the best service providers for your security when shopping with a credit card through Shopier.
  • The key symbol that you will see in your internet browser on every page where personal information is entered is a commitment that any information you send with your browser will not be viewed by third parties.
  • For security purposes, you must re-enter the card information at the stage of creating every order you will place through Shopier. The Company does not record or store your personal information, credit card number or credit card passwords.
  • Since your card information is not stored by the Company, your card cannot be used without your knowledge for a reason arising from the Company.
  • The Company has no responsibility for the information that the Seller and/or Payment Service Providers keep/will keep.

  • 3D Security / 3D Secure:
  • 3D Security (3D Secure) is the name given to an identity verification system developed by credit card companies to ensure the security of online shopping. In order for the purchases made with this method to be considered valid; The cardholder must verify the transaction with a special password given to him and complete the approval process.
  • If your bank supports this security system, it can enable you to make your payment using your 3D security password for your shopping through Shopier.
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